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Then in the 4th century BCE sculptor Praxiteles carved a naked Aphrodite, known as the Cnidian Aphrodite, which established a new aesthetic tradition for the female form.Quite unlike the exaggerated forms of Middle Eastern fertility figurines, the Cnidian Aphrodite was created using idealized proportions based on mathematical ratios. This ideal version of the Greek female nude - designed to appeal to the mind as well as the senses - was later also adopted by Hellenistic Greco-Roman art but mostly discarded during the Pax Romana, from about 50 CE.Upon arrival, women attendees get padlocks and men get keys.Each time their hardware matches, its turned in for a new set of hardware and each person gets another raffle ticket for great prizes donated by local businessesor maybe even a date?One of its finest bronze works is The Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro, a 6-inch statuette, cast about 2,500 BCE, using the lost wax method.An extraordinary piece of early Indian sculpture from the Asian bronze age. Considered the greatest operatic achievement of 17th century England [1] and the first great English opera, [2] even though a performance only takes little more than an hour, it is often justified as holding its position as the finest English opera ever written until the 20 century.[3] Despite the opera’s mostly forgotten status from 1700 to the 1890’s when it was revived by the Royal College of Music at the Lyceum Theatre in 1895, who could ever forget the haunting aria, Dido’s Lament, “When I am Laid to Rest”? The earliest full score of Purcell’s music for the opera is late, circa 1750 from a Bodleian Library copy in Oxford.

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In this tragic climax, the actual texts of Tate’s lyrics are clearly not derivable from Virgil via Dryden, and sometimes echo only the faintest of ideas of the [Dryden] For comparison with Dryden, as well as Virgil’s own incredibly dark lyrics, here is the most famous of Purcell and Tate’s collaboration in the aria lyrics of “Dido’s Lament: When I am Laid in Earth” from Tate’s libretto: Without making any obvious borrowing of even a Virgilian-Drydenesque phrase, in the above text of “Dido’s Lament” Tate has tightly compressed Dryden’s Virgilian translation of several of Dido’s monologues into a highly distilled, emotionally powerful mournful lyric full of irony but stripped of all the venom against Aeneas.

The finest Greek sculptors of female nude statues include: Polykleitos (5th century), Phidias (c.488-431 BCE), Myron (Active 480-444 BCE), Praxiteles (Active 375-335 BCE), and Hagesandrus, Athenodoros & Polydorus (1st-2nd century BCE).

Note: Predating Greek art by perhaps two Millennia, the Harappan culture of India's Indus Valley Civilization (3,000-1,000 BCE), was one of the first cultures to produce nude bronzes.

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