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The fat stored under your skin helps protect you against cold and physical impacts.

So I do respect these researchers and the work they do—I just can’t find any solid justification for their hypothesis that a low-carb diet would benefit an .

At best, what we’ve seen in athletes who go low-carb and become “fat-adapted” is a mere preservation of performance without any notable improvements.

While this site provides you with a large amount of information, we feel it is important that our patients do as much research as possible. Tom Naughton’s website/blog: “You’ve been fed a lot of bologna.” Nutrition and Metabolism Society –dedicated to fighting the misinformation about the effectiveness of using carbohydrate restriction to combat diabetes and obesity.

We have compiled a list of sites that we feel to be helpful tools to your weight loss journey, and understanding your options. Within the app you can track your carb intake and exercise, count your steps with your fitbit, get recipes, nutrition, and post-op information. org - Newly founded non-profit organization (highly recommended) dedicated to reducing the economic and social burden of obesity and obesity-related chronic disease by improving the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research. Great website full of scientific and practical information for low carb lifestyle.