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We only sped around for about five minutes but, just like methamphetamine, I was hooked with that first hit.Wild John was dangerous, didn’t believe in rules and he was the closest I would ever come to dating a racecar driver. Read more One of the hardest things to manage while being an online dater is remembering which details belong to which guy.

Then, after a few weeks of dating, he went Casper the Ghost on my ass. There was one night when Darell had told me he was going to the gym and would call me after. My texts went unanswered as I sat outside of the gym with my best friend, waiting to see if he was really there.I am still not convinced that he didn’t escape from a local mental hospital just so he could have a date with me.Read more I like to think of myself as a girl that is not completely and totally obsessed with appearance – a bad haircut is not going to repel me – but sometimes looks do matter and, in the case of Adam, I was not just simply unattracted to him but borderline repulsed by his appearance.In going out on dates with over 100 guys, I have met some socially-questionable and awkward people.Trent was the first guy that I encountered that I really thought was insane.