Comcast dvr guide not updating

On top of being able to pay your bills and manage services, it has a handy troubleshooting feature for issues you might be having.Whether your Wi-Fi isn’t working or your cable is freezing up, you can walk through steps and even fix issues right from the app.I did not get a firm answer to the question "when ? Well, there's always hand editing the lineup list for me.. That reset messed it up and I haven't fixed the outer channels yet. Checked the Gemstar On-Screen guide again a few days back. The VGA worked fine and even the DVI is passible on some stations. The picture is smoother, but the Gemstar guide still will not load. I continue to get an error message which reads: Failed to connect to the server.Just as long as I can still record "Monster Garage" off DISC-HD I'm happy ;) Especially the one coming on 8-22-05! It's been 4 weeks since I talked to Samsung rep about this guide not working on my TV and the 2 weeks fix time period had been mentioned. I should have bought just a huge flat panel monitor. Please check the internet connection and try to download.That's what I end up using my feature loaded TV 90% of time anyway (only for over than x2 times of the price of the same size monitor) :-((( I am in a similar predicament as you all. Maybe I should return the products and try Pinnacle.My set up is 2 HDhomerun Primes with Comcast Cards using Windows 7 WMC to record.Offering further evidence that Comcast is more eager than ever to migrate its entire base to its next-gen X1 platform, the MSO has opted not to push forward with a planned upgrade for the “A31” guide on its legacy Motorola digital set-top box platform.

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are subscribed to Comcast Xfinity for cable, Wi-Fi and or home phone service.“This was a very difficult decision because there were multiple benefits in the release but the [decision] was based on numerous factors and the desire to focus on the future.We have almost 50% of our deployed set tops running on our X1 platform and we are adding about 40,000 more boxes every day on the X1 platform.” Comcast, the post added, plans to implement “a simpler and more surgically deployed guide release for A31 legacy set tops” to address some issues on that guide, but noted that those changes likely won’t come out until early 2017.It's as if I had not performed any action at all on the computer.Sometimes, though, I can follow the process in the Notification Area icon by hovering over it, or by opening Task Manager.