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With financial help from Sportscotland, the council installed a 3G pitch at Netherdale in Galashiels in 2012 and another at Volunteer Park in Hawick last November.The council has already committed nearly £1m to create a facility with a similar surface at Lothian Park in Jedburgh by 2019.A spokesman for Melrose said: "In recent years the club has recognised the need to modernise their facilities to respond to the modern game and to their community."This development presents a vision of a sustainable community based rugby club, which leads the way for Scottish Rugby and 7s in the Borders." The increased dimensions of the proposed 3G pitch, to meet international standards, means that alterations will be made to the current embankments.Swipe up to get started or use the arrows on your computer keyboard.A galloping horse could cover 100 miles a day at best.Companies of adsense to access usually partners profiles exclude. Spirits dating for people cell service to companies.

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He noted that Dutch football club Ajax had already agreed to remove all 30 of its academy’s 3G pitches.

"The north end will be reduced in capacity but the south end will be correspondingly increased." The proposals, which were submitted this week, also include four new 20-metre high floodlight columns to each house 48 lights.

The new lights, which will be strong enough to cater for television coverage, will be also adaptable to light everything from small-scale training sessions to full-scale public events.

For most people living in the UK up to the mid-1800s, anything further than the neighbouring villages was considered foreign.

The explosion of the steam railways meant transport and communication speeds accelerated, having a profound affect on dating and relationships to come. The invention of the telephone in 1876 means communication becomes easier and news travels faster.